With Proper Maintenance, You Can Use Your Heat Pump Water Heater for Another Three or Five Years

In general, the safe period for use of ordinary water heaters is 8 years. After that, whether it is broken or not, it must be replaced. Otherwise it may lead to accidents. Heat pump water heaters are more durable than ordinary water heaters because of higher requirements for technology, materials, and core parts. A qualified heat pump water heater can be used for about 10 years, but if it is well maintained, it can be used for extra three or five years.

Heat pump water heater is a equipment with high degree of automation, the regular proper maintenance during the using time can improve the operational reliability of the machine set and the service life will be extended, too. So, how to carry on the maintenance, you may start from the following several aspects.

1. Focus on compressors and reduce wear

The compressor is the "heart" of the air heat pump. It receives gaseous energy from the evaporator and then heats up the gaseous energy, and finally generates hot water through heat exchange. In order to prolong the service life of heat pump, it can be realized in two ways.

1) When the demand for hot water is not so large, it can be switched to energy saving mode to reduce the working time of compressor and reduce its working load;

2) Please reasonably setting the timing start of air heat pump water heater to reduce its extra working time.

2. Frequent inspections

1) Please check the normality of water supplier of water system, safety valve of water tank, liquid level controller and the proper working situation of exhaust device work frequently to avoid that the air enters into the system to cause the reduction of water circulation then affecting the heating capacity of the machine set and the reliability of the unit operation;

2) Check whether the wiring of the power supply and electrical system of the machine set is firm or not and make sure it is not damaged;

3) Check whether the electrical components are broken, if so, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

3. Do not pile up debris around the machine set

The set should be kept clean and dry, do not pile up debris; it should maintain good ventilation, especially do not place things around the inlets and outlets so as it won’t be clogged. Heat pump water heaters are heated by absorbing air, so please ensure the air circulation and cleanliness.

4. Regular cleaning and maintenance

1) The water filter installed outside the machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water quality of the system is clean and to avoid the failure or damage of the main engine caused by the dirty plugging of the filter;

2) After a period of time, the tank should be cleaned regularly to remove impurities at the bottom of the tank and ensure the high water quality of the tank;

3) Clean the main condenser.

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