Why is the Heat Pump Water Heater the Safest Water Heater?

1. The heat collection principle of the heat pump water heater

Our product, the best heat pump water heater, works by using the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, the unit has a built-in heat transfer medium- a heat medium. The temperature of the heating medium in the liquid state is lower than -20℃, and there is a temperature difference with the outside world. Therefore, the heat medium can absorb external heat energy, vaporize in the heat absorption device, and then pass into the heat pump compressor, so that the heat medium becomes a high temperature and high pressure gas, and the temperature can reach 90°C. Then the heat is transferred to the water through the heat release device to raise the temperature of the water, and the heat medium becomes liquid after the heat is released and returned to the heat absorption device, which works in a repeated manner.


2. The heat pump water heater uses one kilowatt-hour of electricity as four kilowatt-hour of electricity, does it obey the law of conservation of energy?

According to the law of energy conservation, 1kw of electric energy can be converted into 1kw of heat energy at most. However, the heat pump water heater can generate about 4kw of heat by inputting 1kw of electric energy, because the heating method of heat pump does not directly convert the energy, the input electric energy only compresses the heat medium to create a high and low temperature environment. The heat always flows from high temperature to low temperature, therefore, heat in the air flows to the low temperature heat medium. The heat medium features high temperature and high pressure after being compressed by the compressor, and the heat of the high temperature heat medium flows to the low temperature water. The heat that flows in is equal to the heat that is discharged, following the law of energy conservation. The consumed electric energy is only related to the compressed heat medium flow.


3. Why the heat pump water heater is the safest water heater?

At present, the popular domestic water heaters on the market include gas water heaters and electric water heaters, while the gas water heaters have hidden dangers of gas explosion or poisoning. There is absolutely no such hidden safety hazard in the heat pump water heater that requires no gas and features complete isolation between water and electricity. Some people say that if your equipment uses electricity, there is definitely a risk of leakage. Our heat pump water heater is the best most choice for you because it has a socket preventing leakage.

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