Why Do 96% of Heating Users of EVI Air Source Heat Pumps Choose Frequency Converters?

Ⅰ. Consumers love to buy variable frequency EVI air source heat pumps

EVI air source heat pump heaters are also divided into fixed frequency and variable frequency. The price of variable frequency is slightly higher. However, according to statistics and analysis, in the domestic heating market, the proportion of consumers' purchasing frequency converters reached 96%. Why do they choose the relatively expensive frequency converters? 

Ⅱ. Why do 96% of heating users of EVI air source heat pumps choose frequency converters?

Take the example of the car we are familiar with. When choosing a car, consumers prefer vehicle types with stepless speed regulation, larger displacement and lower fuel consumption. Similarly, the advantages of variable frequency heat pumps are finer temperature regulation, stronger power and lower electricity bills. The fuel consumption, acceleration and stepless speed change of the automobile correspond to the energy consumption, heating capacity and frequency conversion adjustment of the EVI air source heat pump.

Under the same circumstances, the frequency converter costs 10 percent more than the fixed frequency machine. Also as a household durable consumer product, in fact, the EVI air source heat pump and the car have a lot in common in price and function. For example, automatic transmission is also about 10 percent more expensive than manual transmission.

A high-performance car accelerates faster from zero to 100km/h, and the top speed can also be faster with its great automotive power. Similarly, the outputs power of the variable frequency EVI air source heat pump unit is also stronger, which can achieve rapid cooling in summer and potent heating in winter. Therefore, although the price of the variable frequency EVI air source heat pump unit is slightly higher, consumers are still willing to buy them.

Ⅲ. The advantages of variable frequency EVI air source heat pump units

1. The compressor can maintain low-frequency operation, which can avoid the high energy consumption of frequent startup;

2. The variable frequency EVI air source heat pump unit can provide more heat to meet the user's broad demand for heat exchange. As the ambient temperature drops, it can maintain high heat exchange and high energy efficiency. While the fixed frequency unit can only turn on the electric heating wire to obtain high heat exchange, which will lower its energy efficiency ratio;

3. The variable frequency EVI air source heat pump unit provides as much heat as needed, and no excess waste will be produced;

4. When the heating in winter is turned on for a long time, the frequency conversion host runs stably at low frequency, its working condition is relatively smooth and there is less frost, which reduces the energy consumption of reverse operation during defrosting.

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