What is the Function of Solenoid Valve in Air Source Heat Pump?

With the development of new air source heat pump products, there are more and more control links. At this time, the use of control valves is inevitable. There may be more types of straight-through valves, such as two-way valves and three-way valves. Two-way solenoid valves are widely used in heat pumps. Two-way valves can be divided into customarily closed valves and usually open valves. The corresponding two-way valve models are 12V, 24V, 220V, etc.

Ⅰ. Classification of two-way valves commercial air source heat pump

In terms of material, the two-way valve can be divided into the stainless steel valve body, copper valve body, and plastic valve body. The two-way valve with stainless steel body has a high cost but has certain corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust, so it is mostly used on some occasions that require high control and have specific requirements for the quality of the liquid passed.

The copper body two-way valve is a popular material due to its low cost and consistent performance. This material's solenoid valve is commonly used in general commercial air source heat pump. In most cases, plastic valve bodies are used in small pipelines. It is not heat resistant.

Ⅱ. The role of the solenoid valve in an commercial air source heat pump

For example, the solenoid valve that controls the water supply is typically powered by the 220V power supply's second normally closed valve. The valve is in a closed position when power cannot be connected. At this time, the air source heat pump unit's external water source cannot enter the equipment or the stainless steel heat preservation water tank. Yes, when the solenoid valve is turned on because the solenoid coil will generate a magnetic force, the magnet coil will generate a magnetic power greater than the elastic force of the membrane spring, which forces the valve membrane to move. The external water source can be supplied to the water tank. The requirements for the use of air-source heat pump solenoid valves are as follows:

1. The quality should be good and will not leak.

2. The reliability must be high and will not be easily damaged.

Although the solenoid valve is small but has high requirements, it is a component of heat pump equipment that is frequently faulty. The reliability of solenoid valves in many countries has been dramatically improved and can fully meet heat pump unit systems. Minimize the number of solenoid valves in the design pipeline to reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

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