What Is the Core Content of the Inverter Heat Pump?

Definition of inverter heat pump

First of all, literally speaking, variable frequency heat pumps can change the operating frequency, and those that can achieve AC control by changing the frequency of AC are called variable frequency heat pumps.

By using frequency conversion heat pump control technology, the frequency conversion heat pump compressor can automatically select the heating, cooling and dehumidification operation modes according to the ambient temperature, so that the room can quickly reach the required temperature in a short period of time. In addition, it realize the effect of fast, energy-saving and comfortable temperature control at low speed and low energy consumption with small temperature fluctuations.

The core content of inverter heat pump

1. Strong adaptability to various working conditions

A great feature of the heating field is the violent fluctuations in working conditions, such as heating from minus 25 degrees to 10 degrees. If the system does not have the ability to adjust, problems are prone to occur. The core part of the  inverter heat pump air conditioning can be adjusted and the product stability is improved.

2. Inverter heat pump is more energy-efficient

Its energy saving is not in the coldest days, because the equipment works at full frequency during the coldest days, which is the same as the fixed frequency machine. Energy saving is in those days when it is not cold. Take the weather below minus 10 degrees as an example, when the inverter heat pump works at about 0 degrees, at 7 degrees, and at an ambient temperature of minus 5 degrees, the compressor flow is equivalent to half, and the heat switch works at full frequency, which is equivalent to machine amplification from this point of view, so its efficiency is high.

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