What are the Advantages of Solar Air Conditioning Compared with Conventional air Conditioning

In recent years, the surface temperature of the Earth has increased year by year which make the demands for air conditioning in summer become more and more strong. And now, installing an air conditioning has become a wave of consumption. Solar for aircon can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of refrigeration in summer while offering heat in winter and providing hot water throughout the year. Solar for aircon will certainly obtain remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits and have a broad prospect of popularization and application.

From theoretical perspective, there are two ways to realize solar for aircon: one is to realize optical-electric conversion, then to use electric power to drive conventional compressed refrigerator for refrigeration; the other is to use solar thermal energy to drive refrigeration. Solar air conditioning technology generally refers to the one of thermal energy driven air conditioning technology. Of course, solar air conditioning technology generally also includes geothermal drive and underground cold source air conditioning technology.

Compared with conventional air conditioning, solar for aircon has the three obvious advantages as follows

(1) The good seasonal adaptability of solar for aircon, that is, the cooling capacity of the system increases with the increase of solar radiation energy, which is exactly in line with the urgent demands for air conditioning in summer;

(2) The traditional compressed refrigerator which uses Freon as the medium has a great destructive effect on the atmosphere, while the absorption refrigerator uses non-toxic and harmless lithium bromide as the medium, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment very much;

(3) The same solar air conditioning system can combine refrigeration in summer, heating in winter and providing hot water in other seasons, which significantly improves the utilization and economy of the solar system.

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