We Offer Winter Heating EVI Dc Inverter Heat Pump For Villa Hot Water Engineering Solution

Jiangsu SUNCHI New Energy Co., Ltd.  Offer winter heating EVI dc inverter heat pump for Villa hot water engineering solution ,each person design water consumption is 100-160L, If there is a bath, each person design water consumption is 160-200L .

the water supply situation is 24 hours an hour, irregular water supply Solution way : We all In the hot water project, a specially-designed large-capacity insulated water tank is used to store the hot water required for use within 24 hours a day in the water tank. The high-quality insulation measures of the insulated water tank can ensure the heat in the entire water tank within 24 hours. The water temperature drops no more than 5℃, which guarantees a stable hot water supply 24 hours a day.
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