To Choose the Right EVI Air Source Heat Pump System, Remember These Points

Ⅰ. After-sales problems of EVI air source heat pump increase

Judging from the data in recent years, the sales of EVI air source heat pumps have increased at multiple growth rates. But many after-sales problems have also appeared during the use process, including problems in various aspects such as machine set, installation, and usage. Therefore, always keep your eyes open when purchasing.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing EVI air source heat pumps

1. The machine set must have a national industrial product production license issued by the state. That is the basis for product production. Products without the license indicate that they have not been recognized by the state, and the reliability of their quality and performance is self-evident.

2. The brand of the machine set must be registered by the Trademark Office. Do not choose the three-no product (unbranded and dateless product by a nameless factory) to ensure the quality of the product.

3. The performance of the product must meet the national standards, to ensure that the machine set is a qualified product. Do not buy "problematic" heat pumps for the sake of cheapness.

4. The manufacturer of the selected EVI air source heat pump must be a legal operating company recognized by the state. Its products produced must have the certification.

5. Only after inspecting the manufacturer from the appearance, production equipment, processing technology, technical level, installation technology, and after-sales service of the EVI air source heat pump, can you make a choice and buy with confidence.

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