Three Advantages of the Triple-supply System of DC Inverter Heat Pump

Energy conservation and emission reduction, stimulating domestic demand and improving people's lives are important contents of China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". In the 30 years of reform and opening up, although the people's living standards have greatly improved, there is still a big gap between them and developed countries in terms of "quality." For example, the use of household heating in some developed countries has become very common. When the temperature is lower than 16 degrees, indoor heating is started. In northern China, some areas cannot provide central heating. So there are electric heating films, electric heater and wall hanging furnace. These heatings not only have high energy consumption, but also have great safety hazards!

A "DC inverter heat pump unit and solar energy linkage heating and heating and domestic hot water integrated device" is a comprehensive and relatively high combined cooling and heat supply system. The system is a “hot cube” energy-saving comfort type-household heating and cooling system widely used in northern China. The system uses DC frequency conversion and fuzzy control technology. It first broke through a series of problems encountered by air source heat pumps during winter heating, such as ultra-low ambient temperature heating (normal heating in the environment below minus 25 degrees), intelligent defrost. These technologies allow air source heat pumps to play an important role in heating.

First, the advantages of DC inverter heat pump
The use of inverter compressors increases the system's controllable parameters and improves the performance of the heat pump part load. It replaces the traditional heat pump frequent start and stop control with variable capacity flexible control. It reduces the system's impact on the grid and indoor temperature fluctuations, thus achieving quiet and energy saving. From the perspective of energy saving and comfort, it has obvious advantages over ordinary fixed-frequency heat pumps.

Second, the intelligent load adaptability of DC inverter heat pump
When the DC inverter heat pump starts to be used, it will intelligently select the appropriate frequency according to the ambient temperature to heat or cool with the highest energy efficiency. When the ambient temperature differs greatly from the set water temperature, the heat pump is heated or cooled with maximum power and maximum air volume, and quickly approaches the set temperature.
1. Soft start energy saving reduces the impact on the power grid and compressor;

2. Improve power factor and reduce reactive power loss;

3. Reduce the number of starts and stops; reduce the start-up loss; reduce the loss of the established pressure difference that must be consumed when restarting!

Third, the intelligent defrost accuracy of DC inverter heat pump
The advantage of the intelligent defrosting control system is that defrosting can be performed according to actual needs without interference from human factors. The compressor losses are small, thus extending the life of the compressor. The fuzzy defrost control algorithm gives the trigger signal of the defrost cycle, and corrects the last control amount by monitoring the state of the heat pump unit during the defrost process. This allows the defrosting control to automatically adapt to changes in environmental parameters and improve the level of defrosting control.

Because the variable frequency heat pump has the above advantages, it can make the heating, cooling and domestic hot water triple supply system have the characteristics that is the energy adjustment capability and is compatible with the range of thermal load fluctuation. In order to adapt to the randomness of household use, it has the characteristics of irregularity and large difference in heat load, and can be finely adjusted, so that users can enjoy a comfortable life while high performance ratio and low energy consumption.

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