The Working Principle, Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Source Heat Pump

In recent years, with the substantial improvement of the national economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved. People are increasingly demanding homes. People not only demand comfort and health, but also demand energy conservation. The air source heat pump is one of the three functions of heating, cooling and providing hot water. It is accepted by people with unparalleled advantages of traditional equipment, but many people do not know much about air source heat pump. In order to meet everyone's needs, the working principle and advantages and disadvantages of the air source heat pump will be introduced below.

Air source heat pump working principle

The air source heat pump uses the heat in the air as a low-temperature heat source, performs heat exchange through a condenser or an evaporator in a conventional air conditioner, and then extracts or releases heat energy through a circulation system, and uses the unit circulation system to transfer energy into the building, thereby meeting the needs of users for domestic hot water, floor heating or air conditioning.

Air source heat pump advantages and disadvantages


It is versatile. You have no worries in the four seasons: the air source heat pump can both heat in winter and cool in summer. It can meet the needs of both winter and summer seasons. Other heating equipment often only heats in winter, and air conditioning equipment needs to be installed during summer cooling.

It is safe to operate and environmentally friendly: the air source heat pump is in the form of heat pump heating. The water and electricity are completely separated, and no coal or natural gas is needed. Therefore, it can be safely operated 24 hours a day throughout the year without polluting the environment.

It is flexible and has no restrictions: compared with solar, gas, water and heat pumps, air source heat pump is not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain and snow, and is not restricted by geological and gas supply.


It has environmental adaptability problems: the heat source of the air source heat pump is the air, and the air quality (density and temperature) is an important factor affecting the DC variable frequency heat pump. The air temperature is low, and the efficiency of the air source heat pump is relatively low. The air temperature is high, and the efficiency is relatively high.
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