The Principle of Cooling and Heating of Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Refrigeration principle of solar powered air conditioner
The so-called solar cooling is the use of solar collectors to provide the absorption medium of the heat medium required by the generator. The temperature of the heat medium water is higher, and the coefficient of performance (also known as COP) of the refrigerator is higher, so that the refrigeration efficiency of the air conditioning system is also higher. For example, if the temperature of the heat medium water is about 60 ° C, the refrigerator COP is about 0 to 40. If the temperature of the heat medium water is about 90 ° C, the COP of the refrigerator is about 0 to 70. If the temperature of the heat medium water is about 120 ° C, the COP of the refrigerator can reach 110 or more.

Practice has proved that solar powered air conditioner combined with heat pipe vacuum tube collector and lithium bromide absorption chiller has opened up a new application field for solar thermal utilization technology.

Solar powered air conditioner heating principle
When heating is required in winter, the superconducting solar collector absorbs solar radiant energy and is transferred to the composite superconducting energy storage converter via superconducting liquid. When the temperature of the heat storage system reaches 40 °C, the central temperature control system automatically issues a heating command, so that the indoor cooling and heating dispersion system is in a heating state, and the hot air is output through the air outlet. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature value, the output of hot air is stopped. When the temperature of the room is lower than the set value, hot air is output again. This automatic cycle achieves the purpose of heating (the temperature settings of each room are independent and do not affect each other). In the case of continuous cloudy days, when the solar energy is insufficient, the biomass heat energy generator is put into use to supplement the shortage of solar energy.

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