The principle and Application Field of Hot Water Heat Pump Water Heater

Hot water heat pump water heater is the device that uses the inverse Carnot principle to transfer heat from a low temperature object to a high temperature water through a medium. The heat pump device can make the medium (refrigerant) phase change and become lower than the low temperature heat source, thereby spontaneously absorbing the heat of the low temperature heat source. The medium that is returned to the compressor is compressed into a high temperature (higher than the high temperature water) high pressure gas, thereby self-distributing heating to a high temperature heat source, and transferring heat from the low temperature heat source to the high temperature heat source.

Application field and characteristics of hot water heat pump water heater

Students apartment:

The hot water heat pump water heater can be connected in parallel by multiple machines and automatically controlled. Each dormitories is equipped with a main unit, a water tank, and an advanced automatic POS machine for collection or regular water supply. In winter and summer, the amount of hot water is adjusted according to the student's water use. In the summer, when the amount of hot water is small, the hot water is reduced. In the winter, when the amount of hot water is high, the hot water is used to prevent the solar water heater from producing a large amount of hot water during the summer vacation. However, during the holiday period, no one uses hot water, and it is necessary to release water every day to cool down and waste a lot of water resources.

Factory hospital:

The hot water heat pump water heater can be connected in parallel or in parallel with multiple machines, and can be used for time-sharing according to the employee's commuting system. It is flexible and more energy efficient, and overcomes the shortcomings of using solar water heaters for no hot water in rainless days and winter, and unstable water temperature.


The hot water heat pump water heater can be used in single or multi-stage parallel, as well as fully automatic control and complete water supply and return water systems. The German Wilo booster pump and circulation pump ensure the stability of the water supply system of the hotel. Room water and sauna pool are available, completely pollution free. At the same time, it creates a green environment for the hotel's energy. It can also change the strategy according to the peak and valley electricity, and use the valley electricity to save money.

Sauna pool:

The hot water heat pump water heater can be connected in parallel with multiple machines, using titanium alloy plate type and solid pipe for water heater. It is corrosion resistant, safe and durable, with higher energy efficiency, automatic heating and constant temperature. It can provide hot water and cold water. It solves the problem of high energy consumption and complicated operation cycle of large temperature swimming pool and sauna. It saves high cost and is guaranteed by safety.

Beauty salons:

The hot water heat pump water heater can adopt a method in which one main unit heats two water tanks. It has a small footprint, fast heating, and uses side heating to overcome the high energy consumption of electric water heaters and the unsafe defects of gas water heaters.

Villa family:

The hot water heat pump water heater main unit can be hung on the wall, and the water tank is placed on the balcony. At the same time of energy saving, it achieves safety and beauty, and integrates with the building to overcome the difficulty of installing solar water heaters and affecting the aesthetics of the building.
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