The Pool Air Source Heat Pump Makes the Water Clean and Energy Saving

Shared equipment in large-scale commercial hot water projects includes gas boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, and air source heat pumps. Traditional boilers have lower initial installation costs but higher operating costs. Although the initial installation cost of air source heat pump equipment is relatively high, its advantages of energy savings and operational stability outweigh those of other equipment.

Party A is interested in the energy-saving and stability of the equipment in commercial hot water. Air-source heat pumps have gradually become the preferred equipment for hotels, bathing centres, schools, hospitals, and other large hot water demand projects due to their consistent heating performance and low energy consumption. Year after year, their market share has grown.

Ⅰ. Hydroelectric separation heating technology of swimming pool heat pump

In recent years, with the rise of energy-saving and environmental protection and the commercial hot water supply, for example, in the hot water supply of swimming pools, the heat in the air is used to heat the energy. The work will not emit toxic and harmful gases and will not cause any problems. The sub-polluted swimming pool's dedicated air source heat pump has become the best choice for hot water supply.

The water and electricity separation heating technology of the air source swimming pool heat pump can completely prevent potential safety hazards such as electric leakage. The stable heating effect can also provide athletes with a better competition experience. The intelligent operation mode does not need to be arranged during the heating operation. Special personnel for maintenance can also save a lot of personnel costs for the natatorium management. Therefore, the swimming pool eventually abandoned traditional boiler equipment and chose to use air energy to heat the swimming pool project.

Ⅱ. Swimming pool heat pump is more energy-saving and electricity-saving

The whole series of swimming pool heat pump units adopt the inner tube titanium threaded tube + outer PPR tube casing heat exchanger, which can effectively resist the corrosion of chloride ions. The four-sided air method and the top air outlet method ensure the flexibility of engineering design and the efficient heat exchange of the unit. In actual use, the system control method is not restricted. Project matching is better.

There is no need for secondary heat exchange between the unit and the swimming pool water during the heating process, and it can be directly connected with the main engine pipeline. There is no need for a complex waterway layout. The construction is more convenient, and the loss of secondary heat exchange in the middle is effectively avoided. In actual use, the energy efficiency ratio is as high as 5.2 or more—more power and energy saving.

With the increasing age of the audience in the swimming pool and the increase in consumption levels, the demand for swimming pools is no longer limited to summer. This is undoubtedly stricter for the swimming pool environment and facilities requirements, and the comfort and stability of the water temperature Sex have higher standards. To keep up with the needs of the times, in the design and planning of the swimming pool, many people are aiming at high efficiency and environmental protection, and the swimming pool heat pump is a critical part of this. With the popularization of national swimming activities and the inclusion of swimming lessons as a compulsory examination option for the senior high school entrance examination, there will be a market of tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions, of constant temperature swimming pools in the next 5 to 10 years.

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