The Inverter Heat Pump Produced by SUNCHI is Worthy of Your Trust

1. The advantages of inverter heat pump

With the advancement of coal to electricity projects, inverter heat pump is becoming more and more popular with customers. Due to the advantages of  inverter heat pump such as energy saving, extremely fast cooling and heating, ultra-low temperature heating, ultra-high temperature cooling, wide voltage, ultra-quiet and so on, whether in a cold northern place or a humid and hot place, it has become an excellent choice for our heating and cooling.

2. The characteristics of SUNCHI inverter heat pump

In the era when inverter heat pump is becoming more and more popular, the price competition is becoming more and more fierce and obvious, although SUNCHI has developed a full range of inverter products earlier in the industry, we have been constantly optimizing products to meet your requirements at a lower cost.

In fact, as long as you have used SUNCHI inverter, you can see these and can also compare the weight with the same type of inverter heat pump, in the process of use, you can also compare whether the heating capacity marked by our unit is very real or not? These can only be experienced after you have used it, and my agents have responded to me, so whoever uses it knows.

You might say that it doesn't matter for small projects,a inverter heat pump is hundreds of thousands more expensive than a fixed frequency heat pump, but for large projects, if there are dozens of sets, will not the cost difference be large? In fact, using inverter heat pump in the larger project not only will not increase the input cost, but also will save the operating cost. Because one of the advantages of inverter compared with fixed frequency is that the attenuation of the  inverter heat pump is much smaller (especially the high-efficiency SUNCHI inverter with jet-enhancing series units), no matter it is heating in winter or cooling in summer.

When selecting units, we must consider the attenuation coefficient of units in extreme weather. For the number of units calculated at this time, the number of inverter must be less than that of the fixed frequency, so that the total input cost will be leveled. At the same time, because of the energy-saving advantages of the inverter unit itself, which is equipped with superior group control logic, the operating cost will certainly be much less than that of the fixed frequency.

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