The Functions of the Pool Heat Pump

1. The importance of constant temperature dehumidification equipment in swimming pool

The temperature and humidity control of the air in the indoor swimming pool is an important issue, and the constant temperature and dehumidification equipment of the swimming pool is an essential equipment for the indoor swimming pool. The chlorinated moisture of the indoor swimming pool not only makes people feel stuffy and uncomfortable, but also causes serious corrosion to the buildings and decorations in the swimming pool.


2. The functions of the pool heat pump


The specialized pool heat pump first extracts out the hot and humid air in the swimming pool, dehumidifies and heats it before sending it back to the swimming pool. During this process, the specialized dehumidification heat pump for the swimming pool continuously pumps a certain amount of fresh air into the swimming pool to ensure the air quality in the swimming pool. A large part of the energy used to heat the fresh air comes from the recycling of heat energy in the hot and humid air in the swimming pool, thus reducing the energy consumption required for heating the swimming pool and pool water.

The powerful fan and reasonable arrangement of ventilation duct can control the air at various locations in the swimming pool within a constant temperature range. The reasonable use of the throttle valve makes the swimming pool present a slight negative pressure, thereby preventing the air in the swimming pool from flowing to other places and avoiding damage to the buildings and decorations of other places in the swimming pool.

The automatic air monitoring device of the specialized pool heat pump can automatically detect the air quality in the swimming pool, and automatically control the equipment to supply fresh air to the swimming pool at any time in order to improve the air quality in the swimming pool.

The heat pump system of the specially designed dehumidification heat pump system for swimming pool has an automatic flip function,in the hot summer, the pool dehumidification heat pump can be easily turned into a powerful air conditioner to solve the high temperature in the swimming pool in summer, which brings a refreshing water world to tourists .

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