The Features of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

1. Super large water volume: The water tank capacity is tailor-made according to specific requirements, and the water volume is sufficient to meet the needs of different customers at different time periods.

2. Economical savings: A large amount of energy is obtained from the air, and the energy efficiency ratio is as high as 300% to 400%. According to the rule of use, the automatic running time of the water heater is set, and the cost is naturally saved.

3. Wide application range: It is not affected by climate. It can work normally at ambient temperature of -10 °C ~ 43 °C. Air source heat pump water heaters can be widely used in homes, hotels, hotels, schools, hospitals, collective dormitories, residential quarters, saunas and other central heating.

4, permanent constant temperature: the use is very simple. The whole air source heat pump water heater adopts an automatic intelligent control system, and the user only needs to turn on the power when first used, and fully realize the automatic operation in the later use process. When it reaches the user-specified water temperature, it will automatically stop. When the temperature is lower than the user-specified water temperature, the system will start up automatically, and it will be fully available 24 hours a day without waiting.

5. Safety and environmental protection: The structure is completely separated from water and electricity, and there is no harmful or toxic gas discharged or burned. It is not affected by natural disasters such as typhoon and is absolutely safe.

6. Anti-freeze function: It has intelligent frosting function to ensure stable operation of air source heat pump water heater in low temperature environment. It can automatically enter and exit the chemical tank based on multiple parameters such as outdoor ambient temperature, evaporator fin temperature and unit running time.

7. Easy to install: It can be installed in any place with small size. It can be installed indoors without occupying space. It can also be installed outdoors. For example, it can be remotely monitored, such as roof and ground. It can realize remote monitoring. It has small floor space and simple installation. There is no need to set up another machine room.

8. It has a long service life, low maintenance costs, stable equipment performance and a service life of more than 15 years.

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