The Composition of Solar Powered Air Conditioner Refrigeration System

Solar powered air conditioner refrigeration systems have been continually intensively researched because of their energy-saving, clean and pollution-free features. With the continuous improvement of application technologies such as materials, working fluids, process manufacturing and design of solar collectors and refrigeration systems, the application of solar air conditioning refrigeration devices will be widely used.

An air conditioner using solar energy as an energy source can generally be divided into three parts:

One is a solar collector. Collectors come in a variety of forms and have different performances. The collector adopts the most vacuum tube type, and the most basic types of vacuum tube type are: heat pipe type vacuum heat collecting tube (referred to as heat pipe), all glass vacuum heat collecting tube and straight-through vacuum heat collecting tube. The heat pipe vacuum heat collecting tube is a high-tech energy-saving product developed after the traditional flat-plate vacuum heat collecting tube. It integrates heat pipe technology and vacuum technology, and increases the working temperature of the solar collector from 70 ° C to over 120 ° C. It greatly improves the thermal performance of the collector and is an ideal product for warm utilization.

The second is the refrigeration system. A refrigeration system that uses a low-temperature heat source as a power source is different from a compression-type refrigeration system. It must be able to make full use of the low-temperature heat source as a power source. At present, absorption refrigeration technology is relatively mature. Absorption refrigeration uses lithium bromide-water, ammonia-water, etc. as the working fluid pair, which has good economics. In particular, the use of lithium bromide-water as a working fluid pair can satisfy an air conditioning device with high safety requirements, and is an ideal working fluid pair.

The third is the automated control system. That is, a control system that controls and secures various operating parameters of the device. The heat pipe is used as a solar collector tube. Lithium bromide-water is a working-type absorption refrigeration and air-conditioning system. Whether it is a large-scale air conditioner with a large cooling capacity or a household air conditioner, it has practical significance and development prospects. In particular, people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher. Air conditioners that are non-polluting, low-energy, and powered by solar energy will be favored by people.

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