Thanks to the Environmental Protection Industry, Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump Ushered is Embra

A private even temperature swimming pool, as a part of the construction of home intelligent environmental protection, is gradually transforming into low carbon and intelligent. More and more pool users tend to prefer more efficient and energy-saving pool air source heat pumps when choosing pool thermostatic equipment. In addition, many air source heat pump brands are deep into the channel. And they continue to tackle technical points, which promotes the development of the air source heat pump pool market.


1. The pool air source heat pump is energy saving and pollution-free.

Heat pump is a kind of device which absorbs heat from a low temperature source and converts it into usable energy at higher temperature. Through the air source heat pump, people can take advantage of low temperature energy in the heat source , which provides the required heat for life and production. The charm of heat pump heating lies not only in energy saving, but in the lack of pollution produced by traditional boilers. It is safe to use. And it can maintain a high degree of harmony with the natural environment and living environment. Today, the resource shortage and serious environmental pollution, which reflected the superiority of air source heat pumps.

2. The high performance of the pool air source heat pump.

The reason why SUNCHI pool air source heat pump is chosen by many high-end villa users is that it is of good quality, easy operation and high safety. All the series of SUNCHI pool air source heat pumps use special heat pump compressors, and they have high efficiency of shell and tube heat exchanger. They are small in size, rapid heating, big quantities of hot water, whole operation, intelligent control, automatic load balancing technology and modular design. They are easy to install, which ensure efficient heat exchange units and make unit adaptation better. And excellent overall design, water and electricity separation, safe and reliable. The unit has good anti-freezing performance and anti-scaling, which can work in harsh environments with a service life of more than ten years.


The pool constant temperature market continues to be aggressive. Under this, SUNCHI keeps deepening the pool supporting products market, it not only makes many villa pool projects, but also provides high quality supporting products for natatorium, campus pool, gym pool and community pool. Its swimming pool heat pump, water pump, sand tank, medium-pressure ultraviolet sterilization lamp and other pool temperature purification equipment have been unanimously recognized by the market.

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