Features and Application Scope of the High Temperature Heat Pump Water Heater

With the vigorous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction and the steadily rising energy prices, the influence of heat energy conservation in the industrial and commercial fields has been expanding. As an energy-saving technology, high temperature heat pump technology has unique advantages in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. However, it is not economical under the application conditions of higher water temperature, which limits the popularization and application of ordinary air source heat pumps.

High temperature heat pump water heaters came into being under this background. High temperature heat pump water heaters have greatly expanded the application range of air source heat pump technology to meet the needs of agricultural and sideline product processing industry, beverage processing industry, electroplating dyeing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, drying Industry, bath disinfection and other industries' heating demand.

Features of high temperature heat pump water heater

(1) It is safe and environmentally friendly, which takes use of indirect heating, water and electricity isolation, multiple protection measures,without safety hazards.

(2) The high temperature heat pump water heater has strong anti-corrosion and the unit runs more stable.

(3) The unit adopts high temperature special compressor, special technology and special refrigerant, which makes the compressor produce hot water up to 80-85℃ under the condition of maintaining good working condition, providing good energy saving effect. It runs around the clock and will not be affected by weather changes.

(4) It has the function of automatic memory for power off, and automatically starts the unit operation after the power is on, without the need for a special person to switch the machine.

(5) The project installation is simple, which is not restricted by the environment. In addition, there is no need to set up another computer room, so the operation and maintenance cost will be low.

The application scope of the high temperature heat pump water heater

High temperature heat pump water heaters are mainly used in industrial high temperature hot water, chemical electroplating, combined cooling and heating, food processing, printing plants, and other scientific research and production units, and places such as drying, and baking of articles. The maximum outlet water temperature is as high as 85°C, with efficient operation, cost saving and environmentally friendly, it can transport the cold air generated by the heat pump unit to various places to reduce the temperature, improve the environment and save the corresponding central air conditioning investment cost.

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