Technical Characteristics of Solar Air Conditioning

1. The way of air conditioner run by solar power working

The current ways to realize the heating of the  air conditioner run by solar power, generally can be divided into absorption and adsorption. Absorption refrigeration technology is a refrigeration technology that uses the absorption and evaporation characteristics of absorbents, which is divided into ammonia-water-absorbent refrigeration and lithium bromide-water-absorbent refrigeration, depending on the absorbent.

The most popular is the solar photovoltaic light energy air conditioner, which can directly enter the DC48V DC air conditioner through solar direct current without conversion to alternating current. It uses solar energy to cool the room more efficiently, so it is called solar photovoltaic air conditioner.

2. The technical characteristics of air conditioner run by solar power

Absorption refrigeration technology is based on solar collectors to collect solar energy to produce hot water or hot air, and then use solar hot water or hot air instead of boiler hot water into the chiller refrigeration. Due to cost, process, efficiency and other reasons, this chiller should not be done too small, the use of this technology of air conditioner run by solar power is generally applicable to central air conditioning, the system needs to have a certain scale; however, ordinary household air conditioning through the technical transformation into air conditioner run by solar power, with low cost, simple and feasible transformation characteristics.

Adsorption refrigeration technology uses the adsorption effect of solid adsorbents on the refrigerant to refrigerate. Commonly used technologies are molecular sieve-water and activated carbon-methanol adsorption refrigeration.

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