SUNCHI Solar PV panel DC power hybrid heat pump chiller

When you get we SUNSCENE company's Solar PV panel DC power hybrid heat pump chiller:
Its easy installation, you just need connect --insert yours Solar PV panel array
DC power as following step  --
Solar heat pump Positive to Heat pump Positive port by MC4
Solar heat pump Negative to heat pump negative port by MC4

This Solar PV panel DC power hybrid heat pump chiller system inbuilding MPPT digital modular to track the max solar power auto,its priority consume DC power from Solar PV panel
Save Energy:
Around 30%~90% DC power consumption directly from the solar PV panel according daytime sunlight.
Max can save 90% electricity.

Power Supply:
New Hybrid Technology AC/DC dual power supply
Auto Interaction:
DC solar power & city power 220V/380V auto switch balance

Directly connect yours home existing solar power system, heating in winter by 45℃ hot water, cooling in summer by 7℃ cold water

DC power:
Max solar PV panel DC power 100V~600V for 8KW ~30KW air to water heat pump chiller.

Safe Running 365 days one year 365 days  safe running,  SUNSCENE Hybrid Solar Power Heat Pump solved home / building / big project solution.

So this SUNSCENE hybrid heat pump chiller is best choose for insteading of old gas heater/ electric heater / traditional air source heat pump.

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