SUNCHI DC inverter EVI air source heat pump debuts at China Refrigeration Expo

In recent years, in response to the requirements of the era of energy saving and emission reduction, China's air energy industry has developed rapidly. With the promotion of "Coal to Electricity" policy in the north, heat pump heat generators have emerged. At present, this new type of heating products has mushroomed. As usual, many heat pump manufacturers have developed their own heat fan products. On April 9, 2018, Jiangsu SUNCHI New Energy Co., Ltd. exhibited a DC inverter EVI air source heat pump at the exhibition site.

The thermal principle of the hot air mechanism is similar to that of the air source heat pump. The refrigerant absorbs the surrounding heat and is driven by electric energy. The refrigerant used is the R410a environment-friendly refrigerant, and the heating process does not generate pollution. The environmental protection coefficient is high. At the same time, the heat fan can be a host, multiple internal machines, the internal machine does not interfere with the operation under the same mode, easy to use, the system is easy to install, can effectively reduce costs.

DC inverter technology has always been the traditional technology of Duozhi. It can realize "zero attenuation" or "low attenuation" when the temperature is -15°C, and the environment temperature is as low as -25°C. It is still a strong heating system, and the energy efficiency of COP is higher than that of fixed frequency products. More than 30%, greatly reducing the cost of electricity.
Small happiness, great warmth. For many consumers who are in short supply in the budget, the air-heating fan is undoubtedly a good choice.
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