SUNCHI Air Source Heat Pumps: the New Choice for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

1. Introduction of EVI air source heat pump

Air source heat pump heating is a new type of heating equipment that has emerged in cold regions in recent years. The air source heat pump uses the built-in refrigerant to continuously absorb the free heat in the air, and then through the joint operation of compressors and other components to produce a large amount of hot water, and finally deliver the hot water to the end of the fan coil, radiator, air-energy floor heater, etc., realizing residential heating.

The air source heat pump is an energy-saving device. It is a device that driven by a small amount of electric energy according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, and uses refrigerant to absorb the low-grade heat energy contained in the natural air or water, and upgrade it to available high-grade heat energy to heat the water.

2. SUNCHI evi air source heat pump is your new choice for energy saving and emission reduction

SUNCHI evi air source heat pump heating is not only comfortable, but also very energy-saving and money-saving. Suppose it is a heat pump unit with an input power of 1KW (that is, a 1P machine) under standard working conditions, the hourly power consumption is 1KWh. In low temperature conditions, because the unit is prone to frost, it needs to consume part of its own heat for defrosting, which will increase the power consumption per hour. Therefore, in order to reduce the power consumption of air energy, it is necessary to use air energy units with higher energy efficiency ratios, which can generate more heat and lower costs under the same power consumption.

The SUNCHI ultra-low temperature heating heat pump also applies the "jet-enhancing enthalpy technology", which divides the exhaust process of the heat pump compressor into two stages, and cooperates with the ultra-low temperature liquid jet compressor and the hydrophilic large area corrugated fin evaporator. The process of primary compression is transformed into "quasi-secondary compression", which increases the discharge pressure of the heat pump compressor, improves efficiency and saves energy, and realizes stable heating of the unit at -25°C.

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