Solar Air Conditioning: Green Life with Light Cooling

Solar energy is a clean green renewable energy. In the eyes of intelligent human beings, it is a gift of nature. Like solar water heater, solar street lamp, solar photovoltaic net... science and technologies can make full use of the green energy of nature to highlight our life. Obviously, the utilization of new energy has become one of the energy saving directions of home appliance industry.

What is the difference between solar for aircon and traditional air conditioning? Solar for aircon can receive solar panel DC power supplying directly which does not need to be converted and directly used in solar air conditioning compressor operation thus can reducing 220 V or 110 V power consumption for the municipal. The most common seen air conditioning must be the compressed refrigeration machine which driven by the mains supply and absorbs indoor heat and then drains it to outdoor.

A complete set of solar for aircon is divided into MPPT solar power receiver, automatic balance AC and DC power supply, outdoor unit and indoor unit. Among them, automatic receiving solar DC, automatic convertor to balance mains supply and solar DC are the core technologies; and the solar DC is preferred. Solar refrigeration systems operate almost automatically which is consuming much less electricity and making less noise than electric compression refrigeration systems.

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