Six Major Measures to Prevent Air Source Heat Pumps Freezing

1. The importance of evi air source heat pump antifreeze

During the cold wave in winter, individuals should pay attention to keeping warm. And, anti-freezing measures for air source heat pump products should also be done.

2. Antifreeze measures of evi air source heat pump

(1) Strengthen the insulation effect of the pipeline

It is very important to keep warm pipes, and the exposed water pipes will cool down when the temperature of the external environment drops. Those who have not kept the pipeline warm before should put on "clothing" for the pipeline as soon as possible. After wearing the clothes, the water pipe will be warm, and the temperature of the water in the pipeline will not drop too much or too quickly.

(2) Do not power off the unit

The air source heat pump heating of the water system uses water as an intermediate medium for heat transfer. Normally, the equipment has anti-freezing function. When the water temperature drops to a certain temperature, the equipment will automatically start to prevent the equipment and pipelines from freezing.

If the weather temperature is relatively low, once we cut off the air energy heat pump when we go out, it may cause the water temperature in the pipeline to drop sharply. If the temperature is too low, the equipment may freeze and cause the equipment to malfunction. Therefore, when the heat pump unit is not running for a long time, such as: frequent power outages, shutdown of the unit at night, winter holidays, and infrequent use of the unit in winter, all water in the unit, water pump and outdoor pipeline should be drained to prevent the unit from freezing.

(3) Condensate should be properly handled

During the heating process of the evi air source heat pump, a large amount of condensate will be discharged. If there is a slight negligence in the discharge of condensate, then the condensate will be discharged through the pipe and will flow to the ground. If the temperature is below zero, the condensate will easily freeze, which may freeze the drain pipe and then climbs upward. As a result, the equipment cannot operate normally. So, the condensate should be cleaned regularly, and the location of the condensate pipeline must be designed reasonably.

(4) Open the three-way inlet and outlet, install the drain valve

When installing, install the drain valve and drain pipe at the lowest point of the water system. Even if it is not at the lowest point of the unit, a drain valve should be added to the inlet and outlet of the unit. When there is a power outage for more than two hours or a long-term shutdown, such as when the unit is not used frequently when you go out for a long time, open the drain valve at the water inlet and outlet to empty the rainwater in the main pump to prevent freezing and cracking after the temperature drops, and cut off the power. Then during operation, a comprehensive inspection of the air source heat pump system is required to ensure that there is no malfunction.

(5) Add antifreeze to the system

For example, antifreeze at -15℃ and -25℃. Because the price of antifreeze is higher, it will increase the initial investment cost. When using antifreeze, be careful not to use cheap antifreeze, such as methanol blended antifreeze, which is corrosive to the pipeline and will cause greater damage to valves, pipe fittings, water pumps, and unit heat exchangers.

(6) Clean up debris and snow around the heat pump in time

If the air source heat pump installation location is not well ventilated, it will affect the heating effect of the heat pump. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up more. It should also be noted that the host fan blows out cold air. If there is debris in the front, it will affect the cooling air exhaust, which will lead to insufficient heat in the air and affect the heating effect. If the snow is too heavy, the snow must be cleared in time.

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