Shuanglong Hotel Heating and Cooling Project in Gaotai County

The altitude of Gaotai County is between 1,260 and 3,140 meters above sea level. The climate is arid and dry in the continental desert. It is cold and dry in winter, hot and dry in summer, windy in spring, and has a frost-free period of about 150 days throughout the year. The average annual precipitation is 103mm. Evaporation The amount is about 2000mm, with an average annual temperature of 7.4°C (including 7.6°C in the Chuan area, 4.6°C in the mountain area, and 10°C in the Yoshino Gorge); the highest temperature in the year is July, the monthly average temperature is above 22°C, and the minimum temperature is in January. The monthly average temperature is -9.7°C; the annual sunshine hours is 3,088 hours in the Chuan area and 2683 hours in the mountain area.

Shuanglong Hotel heating and cooling project in Gaotai County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, China. The heating and cooling project includes 14,000 square meters heating area, heating mode is floor heating and fan coil. Design and configuration: SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump -- 18 units RSV-65A/SC

SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump -- 18 units RSV-65A/SC
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