Precautions for the Installation of Air Source Heat Pumps

1. The host is the core part of the EVI air source heat pump

The host is the most basic work requirement of an air source heat pump, and it is also the most essential part, and it can be said that it is the most important part. Therefore, its installation and working environment require our special attention, and it is one of the most valuable parts of the air source heat pump, and its installation environment will directly affect its service life.

2. Precautions for installing the EVI air source heat pump

Although the host is the most expensive place for evi air source heat pumps, it does not have the fragility of common electronic products. It can be applied to the ground, roof, balcony, special table or even places that can be easily installed and can bear the weight of the air source heat pump host . Of course, we still need to consider its wind collection effect and smooth exhaust, and avoid using it in a confined space, so as not to affect the effect of the evi air source heat pump in extracting heat from the air. There are also some matters such as the following points that require us to be vigilant:

(1) The operation panel should be installed in a place where it is easy to observe and operate, and should not be installed in a place with water and humidity.

(2) The control circuit is pre-buried to the side of the host with a threading tube.

(3) The host should be installed close to the power source and water source to facilitate wiring and piping.

(4) Do not install the host in a polluted or dusty place.

(5) There should be no strong heat sources and exhaust outlets of other equipment around the host, and no corrosive and flammable gases.

(6) The distance between the outdoor host and the surrounding walls or other objects shall not be less than the distance shown in the following figure.

(7) The main engine box and the hot water tank should be as close as possible, and the distance should not be greater than 5m. The height difference between the main engine and the heating water tank shall not be greater than its external lift.

(8) There should be a downpipe near the main engine to discharge the condensate generated during the work.

(9) An independent socket that matches the power of the host should be preset near the host.

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