Ordos City - SUNCHI DC Inverter Heat Pump

Dongsheng District, Ordos City, cloud computing center heating design and configuration: SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump -- 6 units RSV-70A/SC

1: Installed in 2017 mid-November, located in the cloud computing center in Dongsheng District, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, with floor heating and radiators at the extremity. After a winter season, the minimum temperature reached -27 °C, stable operation and good results.

2: Use the same-way water secondary circulation system, use multi-unit modular control, serial remote control system, can connect mobile phone APP for parameter query, change and real-time monitoring. At the same time, it can connect to the factory host to perform remote dialogue operations and after-sales services.

3: The electrical control cabinet connects with the host control central, to achieve electrical automation control, to achieve strong and weak electrical separation, the whole system weak control.

4: Pre-investment cost for the main engine, water pump, circulation pipe and water tank. Using the original heating end at the end, the system will be re-flow matched and evaluated to strive for the best energy conservation.

5; The average estimate of a winter, heating costs about 23 ~ 28 yuan/flat (floor heating).
SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump
SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump
SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump
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