ON/OFF Heat Pump Water Heater

SUNCHI ON/OFF Heat Pump Water Heater has world famous brand compressors ,digital LED display and intelligent defrosting.The ON/OFF heat pump water heater uses high efficient and ECO friendly refrigerant, no pollution. It also has multi self-protection functions, including high & low pressure, high temperature, water flow and antifreeze protection. SUNCHI ON/OFF Heat Pump Water Heater works stable and has a long using life.

Main Features of ON/OFF Heat Pump Water Heater

1. Ultra Energy-saving and Environment-friendly: Using the press of the world's first-class international brand, Copeland, the world's leading EVI processing technology, digital throttling technology, ultra large evaporator and condenser heat exchange area and high efficiency and low noise external rotor motor, all of these ensure that the energy efficiency of the unit can reach up to 4.5. We can save money when using on-peak and off-peak electricity by opening the timing OFF/ON function. The main engine won’t discharge any pollutants during the operation.

2. Worry-free Operation: The unit has an intelligent unmanned control system, after the installation and debugging completion, it can operate intelligently. It has a power-off memory function, it can automatically restore to the original setting once the power is restored after a power failure, no manual operation is needed. It has an automatic unloading function and automatic freeze-proofing function, you can use the unit for a whole year. It has ultra large liquid crystal display(LCD) that displays the water temperature, ambient temperature, system temperature, real-time running current of the unit, and running state of the unit in real time, you can get all the information at a glance.

3. Ultra Safety and Reliability: The unit uses the reverse Carnot cycle as its principle to heat hot water. The compressor, motor, and other strong electrical components are connected to the ground separately. The unit has its own ground point, and the connections of strong and weak electricity are separated, every strong current contact is protected by insulation materials that meet the international standard, the electronic control board conforms to TUV certification standard. Combined with strict production process requirements and harsh quality inspection standard, we ensure that the unit can operate reliably and stable in the range of -10℃ ~45 ℃. Eighteen electrical safety inspection procedures can help completely eliminate safety hazards such as electric shock, combustion, explosion, and poisoning, and ensure the safety and reliability of the unit.EVI Heat Pump is designed for very cold climate winter, working -25℃ winter, produce outlet 55℃/ max 60℃ hot water, supply enough heating source for 100~200 sq meter room radiator or floor heating.
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