Multiple Advantages of Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

1. Commercial air source heat pumps are widely used

In recent years, commercial air source heat pumps have sprung up. More and more schools, factories, hotels, and hospitals have begun to abandon traditional boilers with poor safety and high cost. They have implemented hot water renovation plans and replaced gas boilers with safer and more energy-efficient commercial air source heat pumps. In addition to the advantages of high safety and good energy-saving effect, what other advantages are there to make commercial air source heat pumps more popular?

2. Multiple advantages of commercial air source heat pumps

Firstly, the operation is safe, no special personnel are required. Compared with gas and coal-fired boilers, commercial air source heat pumps are absolutely safe to operate, which can reduce the risk of boiler explosion and gas leakage. In addition, it is intelligently controlled, requiring no special personnel on duty, and reducing costs.

Secondly, the heating efficiency is high. The average heating efficiency of commercial evi air source heat pump is as high as 3.0, and the average heating efficiency of SUNCHI air souce commercial heat pumps is as high as 4.0, which is much higher than that of boilers with heating efficiency no more than 1.0. Higher heating efficiency means better energy saving effect and energy consumption and less expenditure.

Thirdly, the operating cost is low. Compared with gas and coal-fired boilers, commercial air source heat pumps consume only 30% of their energy. At present, due to the depletion of fuel resources, fuel prices will only become higher, and the required operating costs will only increase. Commercial air source heat pumps are powered by electricity, which is much lower than fuel costs. In addition, with the development of technology, nuclear power plants will be used on a large scale, and electricity prices will not rise significantly, which is far more cost-effective than using fuel.

Fourthly, environmental protection and pollution-free. Commercial air source heat pumps do not emit any exhaust gas or pollutants. The selected refrigerant is also an environmentally friendly refrigerant. With the continuous innovation of air energy technology, air energy has been developed a fully enclosed refrigerant technology that will not cause refrigerant leakage. It will destroy the atmosphere and the ozone layer, and entrepreneurs need not worry about violating the new environmental protection law.

Fifthly, after-sales service is guaranteed. Commercial air source heat pump equipment mainly consists of two parts: the host and the water tank. As long as it is a professional air energy manufacturer, the main engine and water tank are developed and produced by themselves. No matter which main component has a problem, you can look for the brand's after-sales service, and avoid other disputes.

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