Knowledge About Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

1. The scope of application of air source heat pump water heaters.

Air source heat pump water heaters have a wide range of applications. They can be used in homes, hair salons, beauty salons, hotels, hotels, factories, schools, hospitals, and dormitories of other enterprises and institutions; they can also be used in seed breeding, industry, etc.

2. How much does the air source heat pump water heater cost for heating one ton of water?

The air source heat pump water heater uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor, and uses the refrigerant to evaporate to absorb the heat in the air and heat the water. To heat one ton of water (from 15 degrees to 55 degrees, that is, a temperature difference of 40 degrees), 10-12 degrees of electricity are needed.

3. What is the principle of air source heat pump water heater defrosting?

Air source heat pump water heaters are prone to frost in an environment with low temperature and high humidity. For example, when the temperature is between 3 and 5 degrees and the humidity is between 70% and 90%, frost is most likely to form.

The most basic defrosting device for heat pump water heaters is a four-way valve. Its defrosting principle is: when the working environment and operating parameters of the heat pump water heater reach the defrosting condition, it will give a signal to the four-way valve through the circuit board to change the direction of refrigerant flow, and the heat of the hot water in the storage tank is used to defrost the air-side heat switch of the main engine, and the principle of Carnot cycle is also used.

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