Key Points of Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance

Ⅰ. The importance of air source heat pump maintenance

The air source heat pump is a machine with a high degree of automation technology. Experts reminded that the generator set status inspection should be carried out regularly during application. If long-term and effective maintenance and maintenance of the generator set can be carried out, the operating system of the generator set is reliable and the service life will be effectively improved.

Ⅱ. Main points of maintenance of air source heat pump

1. In places below 0°C in winter and when there is no one in the house for a short time (within a week), the generator set can be set to the lowest temperature for operation. It is not recommended to cut off the air source heat pump frequently to prevent freezing damage to machinery and equipment or causing common pipes malfunction;

2. The air source heat pump has a large amount of defrosting water discharge during heating. The pipes of the defrosting water should be effectively designed, and the defrosting water should be removed regularly;

3. The air source heat pump has common failures in operation, and you should contact the manufacturer's after-sales service to report for repairs. Do not randomly move the generator set to avoid causing the heat pump set to fail again.

4. When using a hot water type air source heat pump, the designed outlet water temperature is not suitable to be higher than 55°C, and road radiation or fan coil heat dissipation end should be used.

5. When heating in winter, reduce the time and frequency of opening windows for ventilation, and keep the airtightness of the room as much as possible to reduce heat loss.

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