Is Air Source Heat Pump with Radiator or with Floor Heating Better?

1. Air source heat pumps have been widely used

Air source heat pumps have a very high reputation in cold regions. Not only do many people have a certain understanding of air source heat pumps, but many people have also begun to use air source heat pumps in their homes. So, now a new problem has arisen, what kind of heating terminal should be chosen to match the air source heat pump? Is it a radiator or floor heating?

2. Is it better to use air source heat pump with radiator or floor heating?

Experts said that if only the end of heating is discussed, radiators and floor heating have their own advantages and disadvantages. The radiator is convenient and quick to install, but the heating experience is slightly worse and the energy consumption is relatively high; the floor heating installation is troublesome, but the heating effect is better, and the energy consumption is relatively low, which saves money than using radiators. Therefore, consumers are advised to install the heating terminal according to their actual needs.

But if it is matched with an air source heat pump, it is recommended that consumers install floor heating. Because the radiator needs about 80ºC hot water, and because the floor heating is deeply buried in the ground, the temperature of the hot water is not high, so 40ºC hot water is enough. Under normal circumstances, the maximum outlet temperature of an air source heat pump is 55ºC, which is more suitable for floor heating. If the user really wants to connect to the radiator, he can ask the manufacturer to upgrade the air source heat pump so that the heat pump water heater can produce hot water up to 80ºC.

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