Inverter Heat Pump

SUNCHI DC inverter heat pump floor heating central air conditioning units with DC inverter heating pump( heating + cooling ) + fan coil + floor heating pipe to achieve summer cooling and winter heating function, it is an intelligent, efficient and comfortable air handling units.

One SUNCHI DC inverter air source heat pump water heater can replace traditional ordinary air-conditioner and other heating equipment( eg: boiler, fuel floor heating ), electric water heater, really one step to solve floor heating + central air conditioning cold( hot ), saving installation space, lower investment costs. It offers comfort, energy, health, quality of life.

The Advantages of SUNCHI DC Inverter Heat Pump

  • Security
1. There are multiple safety protection, such as high voltage protection, compressor overcurrent overload protection, starting delay, water flow protection, water temperature ultra high-temperature protection and so on, and truly realize the isolation of water and electricity, it fundamentally eliminates the hidden dangers of leakage, dry burning, ultra high temperature, etc. The SUNCHI inverter heat pump adopts the technology of gas and liquid separation to guarantee the compressor Life. The gas and liquid separation device in the suction pipe of the compressor can prevent the liquid from entering the compressor, ensuring the safe and stable work of the system and prolonging the service life of the compressor.
2. The heat pump unit does not need fuel pipeline, and there is no danger of fuel leakage, fire, and explosion.
  • Convenient
1. The unit is fully automatic control, automatic stop, control the constant water temperature.
2. The unit is installed outside, such as roofs, balconies and so on. There is no need for another computer room. It does not account for the effective building area.
  • Durable
The main engine selects the world famous factory high-quality heat pump compressor, the world famous factory fittings. The characteristics of the compressor are as follows: 1). low noise and low vibration; 2). accurate refrigeration capacity control; 3). low energy consumption; 4). high-pressure resistance; 5). effectively prevent "liquid blow" phenomenon.
  • A reliable defrosting device
In the defrosting control system of the product, Sunchi new energy uses hot reflux technology to configure precise computer testing measures. It can automatically detect and analyze frost conditions according to the temperature and humidity of the air. If the frosting condition is reached, the defrosting device can be started, and the defrosting can be guaranteed in a short time. And the equipment can heat normally in the low temperature. 
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