Introduction to the Performance and Characteristics of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Products

Since the indoor swimming pool generally maintains a water temperature of 26 ° C ~ 28 ° C and  the air temperature is maintained at 28 ° C ~ 30 ° C (air temperature is 1 ° C ~ 2 ° C higher than the water temperature), for lighting needs, the wall is mostly glass wall or glass structure. Since the pool water contains a large amount of chlorine, as the water of the swimming pool evaporates continuously, the humidity of the air is large, and the humid air causes a large amount of condensation on the wall or the glass, which is bound to cause strong corrosion to the interior decoration of the building.  In addition, because humid air contains a lot of viruses, bacteria and other elements that reduce air quality, it will cause difficulty in breathing. Therefore, the temperature and humidity control of indoor swimming pools has received more and more attention.

The indoor swimming pool heat pump unit can keep the indoor air at a constant temperature while dehumidifying the indoor air.  In order to save energy, the air heat is fully recovered during the operation of the equipment, and the recovered heat is heated by the regeneration system to ensure the indoor air is at a constant temperature. The condensed water generated by the dehydration can be directly discharged to the outside or recycled to the pool to replenish the pool water.

Considering indoor air quality, the swimming pool heat pump unit is equipped with a new air handling function and an air exhaust function.

Considering the operating cost of the swimming pool heat pump unit, in the spring and autumn, a large amount of outdoor low-humidity fresh air can be used to adjust the humidity of the indoor air to reduce operating costs.

In order to prevent the circulating air from affecting the service life of the equipment, the key components and sheet metal structures of the equipment are treated with anti-corrosion treatment during the manufacturing process, and the compressor, power distribution cabinet and control system are isolated from the wind system.
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