Introduction to High Temp Heat Pump

The high temp heat pump collects the low-temperature waste water and waste heat emitted by the industrial enterprise through the high temp heat pump and converts it into water of ≤150 °C or high-temperature steam. These high-temperature water or steam are used in industrial processes or heating, and can directly replace traditional coal-fired boilers. It is the best choice for achieving industrial energy saving, reducing consumption and improving efficiency.

The work principle of high temp heat pump

(1) Compression process: The low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas is compressed by the compressor into a high temperature and high pressure gas. At this time, the work done by the compressor is converted into the internal energy of the refrigerant gas, so that the temperature rises and the pressure increases, and the thermodynamics is called the adiabatic process.

(2) Condensation process: The high temp and high pressure refrigerant gas from the compressor flows through the condenser and is continuously released to the outside by the wind or water, and is condensed into a medium temp high pressure refrigerant liquid. The refrigerant temperature decreases but the pressure does not change during liquefaction. It is thermodynamically called an isobaric process.

(3) Throttling process: The medium temp high-pressure refrigerant liquid from the condenser is throttled by the throttling device into a low temp low-pressure refrigerant liquid. In thermodynamics, it is called an isosceles process.

(4) Evaporation process: The low temp and low-pressure refrigerant liquid from the over-throttle device flows through the evaporator, and continuously absorbs heat into the room by wind or water, and evaporates into a low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant gas. The absorbed heat becomes the latent heat of the refrigerant. Although the temperature rise is not large, the internal energy increases a lot. Since the pressure does not change much, it is thermodynamically called an isobaric process.
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