Introduction of Solar Powered Air Conditioner

In the global warming environment, solar energy, as an outstanding new energy representative, is favored by all countries in the world. Under the trend of low-carbon energy conservation, solar energy based on photothermal technology has been applied to various industries and the energy structure is continuously improved. With the state's policy support for the solar industry, various manufacturing and application areas using solar energy technology are experiencing vigorous business opportunities, and a series of solar energy products are gradually entering people's lives. Nowadays, major manufacturers have launched solar powered air conditioners, making solar air conditioners once again attract the attention of the industry. Solar air conditioning is widely regarded as a new air conditioning unit with broad prospects but difficult to market in the short term.

In the hot summer days, air conditioning consumes almost one-third of the electricity consumed by the entire power system, which is one of the reasons why the summer power system is overwhelmed.

Therefore, solar powered air conditioners have great temptation from the beginning. The use of solar cooling is the same as the principle of general electric refrigeration. It only uses different energy sources, thus bringing about some structural changes. There are various methods for solar cooling, such as compression refrigeration, steam jet refrigeration, and absorption refrigeration.

General solar thermal utilization projects, such as heating and hot water, are not exactly the same as the supply of solar energy. When the weather is colder and people need more warmth, the provision of solar energy is often insufficient. From this perspective, the application of solar air conditioning is the most reasonable. When the solar radiation is stronger and the weather is hotter, we need to load the air conditioner more. This is the most favorable objective factor for solar powered air conditioner applications.

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