How to Use Air Source Heat Pump Cooling in Office Buildings?

1. Air source heat pump has the same cooling effect as central air conditioner

Like central air conditioning, air source heat pump air conditioning refrigeration not only saves project investment for customers, but also has the characteristics of comfort, environmental protection, and energy saving. Many office buildings are competing to choose air source heat pump cooling after considering environmental protection, energy saving and comfort. What are the advantages of using air source heat pump cooling in office buildings?

2. Advantages of using air source heat pump refrigeration in office buildings

As an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, regardless of EVI air source heat pump cooling or heating, water is used as the material. When heating in winter, hot water at about 45°C flows through the circulation system under the wooden floor to raise the room temperature by means of a radiant source. The advantage of this heating method is that it is very comfortable to "warm the feet and cool the head". In the case of cooling in summer, use ultra-low temperature water to cool the air plate. Because it is a water circulation system, it is not easy to take away the moisture in the room. The indoor humidity is suitable. The actual effect of body integration is stronger, and it is not easy to make people thirsty.

Conversely, during summer cooling, the central air conditioner can not only take away the heat in the room, but also take away the moisture in the room according to the condensed water. In fact, "air conditioning cold" is also a disease caused by dryness, causing dry mouth, thirst, and itchy throat. Moreover, at the level of one machine and dual use, the advantages of central air conditioning depend on cooling, heating is only an additional function, and its energy consumption level cannot be compared with air source heat pumps, especially when the temperature is below 5 ℃ in winter,  the actual heating effect of central air conditioning is very poor. With the help of electric auxiliary heating, the electricity consumption is large, and the warm air blown out is not stable and the comfort is poor. The vent of the air conditioner happens to be on the human head, and the warm air is lighter than the strong cold air. It is usually concentrated in the upper body of the human body, and the heat in the feet is lighter.

Therefore, more and more office buildings are beginning to try to use air source heat pump air conditioning for cooling and heating. With its excellent quality and many advantages, it has been recognized by many customers and provided customers with a comfortable hot and cold natural environment.

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