How to Prevent Freezing in Winter with the EVI Air Source Heat Pump?

1. EVI air source heat pump avoids power failure of the set.

The temperature in winter is very low, if there is an air source heat pump failure , the water temperature will freeze after cooling down, which results in heat exchanger freezing crack. In particular, when the fluorine circuit system and water system are frozen at the same time, and the compressor will restart after power-on, then the compressor will suck water in the outside waterway directly into the fluorine system. These cause the whole unit to be scrapped. Therefore, when using an EVI air source heat pump in winter, you should not cut off the power. If you must cut it off, you should also empty the water in the unit, pipeline and pump.

2. Do a good job of EVI air source heat pump pipeline insulation.

Because the outside temperature is too low, pipe insulation is of great importance in winter. If there is without insulation, hot water will immediately drop by many degrees when passing through the pipe. That makes it hard to reach the set temperature. In addition, when the pipe sleeve is connected with the pipe sleeve, the insulation glue must be coated on the end face of the pipe sleeve (circular seam), and the longitudinal seam of the pipe sleeve is required to be staggered. And the longitudinal seam is generally not vertical downwards, the pipe sleeve is sealed with glue.

3.The EVI air source heat pump condensate ice should be cleaned regularly.

When the EVI air source heat pump starts, there will be condensed water discharged. The outdoor temperature is very low in winter, the condensed water will freeze when discharged. So that the drainpipe will be frozen. Therefore, when frozen, it should be cleaned up in time. In addition, the main engine can not be too low from the ground. If the snow and ice is more serious, the best is more than 50 centimeters.

4. Clean of snow around EVI air source heat pump timely.

Air source heat pump mainly absorbs the heat in the air, to heat. Although the temperature is low in winter, there is also heat. So it is very important to maintain ventilation. If the air source heat pump unit is surrounded by snow, it will affect the heating effect. So it should be cleaned in time.

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