How to Make the Air Source Heat Pump Heating Effect More Stable?

1. How to ensure the stability of the air source heat pump heating effect?

Winter is an extraordinary period for air source heat pump heating, which can bring us a comfortable life, so all kinds of maintenance of the unit must be done when using it in order to ensure the stability of the heating effect.

2. How to prevent freezing of air source heat pump units?

In order for the air energy equipment to have a good heating effect during use and the unit does not fail, we must read the EVI air source heat pump manual and operating instructions in detail when using it, and do anti-freezing work for the unit before using the unit in winter to ensure the stability of the heat pump unit.

First of all, the pipes of the unit should be insulated with thermal insulation cotton. Only in this way, even if the external ambient temperature drops to the freezing point, it will not consume a large amount of heat, thereby reducing the heating effect of the heat pump unit.

Secondly, when the temperature is low, we must ensure that the heat pump unit is energized when using the air source heat pump normally, otherwise it is easy to freeze the heat exchanger and the fluorine water system and make the unit unable to work.

When the air source heat pump is not in use, it is necessary to empty the water inside, or add antifreeze to it, and clean up the debris outside the unit, so as not to block the passage of the unit and affect the use of the unit.

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