How to Do Routine Maintenance when the Air Source Heat Pump is Idle?

1. Air source heat pumps are often idle

In recent years, driven by the conversion of coal to electricity in northern China, most areas have begun to use air source heat pumps for cooling and heating, and good results have been achieved. However, in spring and summer when the air is fresh, air source heat pumps will be idle. At this time, we must do a good job of maintenance in order to increase the service life of the air source heat pump.

2. How to maintain the air source heat pump when it is idle?

Good maintenance can increase the service life of the unit and make the unit more efficient during operation. Before maintenance, the EVI air source heat pump must first be powered off to avoid electric shock or leakage during operation and the unit will be shut down for a long time. After that, you must do a good job of inspection when you start it again, and start the test run after refilling with water and exhausting to avoid reducing the service life of the unit in the cold start state.

In order not to freeze the pipeline and damage the unit in the next winter, the user must drain the water in the pipeline and close the valve before entering the air to corrode the pipeline before planning to use it for a long time.

In addition, it should be noted that when the air source heat pump is in an idle state, the host needs to be shielded to prevent dust and other debris from adsorbing on the evaporator of the unit and causing rust, thereby affecting the use of the unit.

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