How to Choose an Air Source Heat Pump with a Radiator?

1. There are many choices of air source heat pump end matching methods

As a cooling and heating product, the air source heat pump has more options for its end matching methods. How to match the radiator as a more commonly used one in practical applications? Let's take a look.

2. How to choose air source heat pump with radiator?

Many users will ask, is it possible to install an air-energy heat pump host after refitting the existing radiator? This problem can be directly and clearly said to be impossible. The reason is that the temperature of the water supply and return water of the air source heat pump is different, which means that a part of the number of slices needs to be increased, but if the number of slices is added, the cost will increase and occupy more housing area, if the increase is less, the room temperature will not reach the set temperature, unable to meet the heating needs of users.

Judging from the relationship between the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator at different water temperatures, the two form a complex functional relationship. According to the calculation formula of this relationship, the required number of fins can be obtained. Because the outlet and return water temperature of the air source heat pump is at 45/40℃, so the number of heat pump radiators can be calculated according to the indoor temperature required by the user.

Although there is a certain calculation formula as the premise to calculate the number of radiators with air source heat pumps, due to the differences in the fin ratio coefficients of different radiators, it is necessary for professionals to make reasonable calculations based on the accumulation of usual experience.

It can be seen from the above that the air source heat pump with radiators is the calculation of the number of radiators first. This problem should be selected by a professional manufacturer, and reasonable calculations should be made according to the needs of users, so as to ensure the stability of later operation.

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