How to Choose a Suitable Fan Coil in Air Source Heat Pump Heating?

At present, as one of the energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, the air source heat pump is very popular in the heating field. There are also many options for its terminal matching. Fan coil is usually as a terminal device. A good choice has a greater impact on the use effect. Then how to choose the fan coil?

1. Why should the air source heat pump choose the fan coil as the end?

First of all, the fan coil has high control flexibility, which can be adjusted according to the different needs of each room for temperature; it adopts forced convection heat exchange, and the heating speed is faster. Because the heat exchange efficiency of the air source heat pump is high, such as industrial air source heat pump, it can be adjusted in a short time. Allow the heating area to reach the set temperature within time; due to the small size of the fan, less floor space, and flexible installation, taking the horizontal installation of the fan as an example, it has high concealment and does not affect the aesthetics of the interior design, and is also more suitable for the renovation of old houses.

2. How to select the fan coil of the air source heat pump?

When choosing the end fan of the air source heat pump, we should pay attention to choosing a larger capacity. If we calculate the normal value according to the indoor demand, in the face of complex and changeable actual conditions, it may affect the wind. The heating effect of the fan coil causes the heating time to be longer. Common influencing factors include changes in outdoor temperature, opening of house windows, and so on.

Although the air source heat pump is easy to use, good use methods and reasonable terminal equipment selection have a greater impact on the operation of the entire system, so users must pay attention to it and must not make a fuss to avoid affecting the heating effect in the later period.

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