How Should the Ordinary Household Air Source Heat Pump be Selected?

As an air source heat pump heating energy-saving product, many problems disturb consumers, such as its price, its operating cost, its model selection and so on. After much consideration, many consumers decided to choose air source heat pump heating, and their first problem is "What size should be selected at home?"

Choosing air source heat pump size and clothes size is the same, "fit" matching. If there is a "calf big car" situation, the winter indoor heating temperature will be insufficient. That can not meet the heating requirements, it is equal to installing the white air source heat pump in vain. Of course, there may also be an "overqualified" situation, which is equal to the increased operating costs, economic waste. In all, how important the selection of an air source home heat pump is. So which factors should be considered in the selection of a general domestic heat pump?

1.The winter and summer cooling and heat load of the domestic heat pump.

The cold and heat load is affected by many factors, such as the area, the building situation, etc. According to the specific situation, a more detailed calculation needs to be decided.

2. The size of the actual heating area of the domestic heat pump.

The size of the air source heat pump needs to be fitted, the actual heating area is very important, and the number of rooms. Besides, which rooms are installed with floor heating and so on. For users, the first thing is to consider their own actual heating area needs.

3. The insulation situation of a domestic heat pump house.

For floor heating users, this problem is easy to understand. Most residents build their own houses or some rural house, its walls are thinner, and there is no external wall insulation, so the heat is lost fast. At this time, the size of the air source heat pump needs to be larger. But it is recommended to keep wall insulation first, otherwise, the subsequent power consumption will increase.

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