How Much Do You Know About Heat Pump Water Heater Products

1. Knowledge about heat pump water heater products

1.1 What is air energy

Air energy is a natural energy source, an inexhaustible clean energy source. It is a new energy source that is radiated into the earth by solar energy and part of the energy is absorbed by the air and stored in the air. The higher the air temperature, the higher the energy it contains, and the higher the utilization rate. It can be understood that hot air becomes cold air after releasing heat, and cold air becomes hot air after absorbing heat.

1.2 What is a heat pump

Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has attracted much attention all over the world in recent years. The familiar "pump" is a mechanical device that can increase potential energy. For example, a water pump mainly pumps water from a low position to a high position. The heat pump uses a small amount of high-grade electric energy as a driving energy source, and efficiently absorbs low-grade heat energy from the low-temperature dispersed heat source and transmits it to the high-temperature heat source to achieve the purpose of "pumping heat".

2. The classification of heat pump water heaters

There are several types of heat pump water heaters:

1) Air-source heat pump water heater: Using air as the "source", the medium absorbs the heat from the air (solar energy) and transfers it to the water to heat the water.

2) Ground source heat pump water heater: The earth is used as the "source", and the heat in the soil is absorbed by the medium and transferred to the water to heat the water.

3) Water source heat pump water heater: using water as the "source body", the heat from the groundwater is absorbed by the medium and transferred to the water to heat the water.

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