EVI Heat Pump (12KW/19KW)

EVI Heat Pump (12KW/19KW)

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EVI Air to Water Heat Pump Overview

  • This air source heat pump is using Scroll EVI Copeland compressor, and EVI technology to make strong capacity to heating when cold ambient, a digital controller to feel and defrost.
  • EVI air source heat pump 12kW 19kW  to pass EN14825 ERP energy level test,  all SCOP: A+,  and passed TUV CE certificate.
  • We using monobloc design to easy install, and high-efficiency heat exchanger, inside directly building high pressure, low pressure sensor to easily read and balance inside safe pressure.
  • One key touch controller auto running connect  16PCS heat pump by modular, can control by Mobile phone or computer from Connect R485S port on the PCB panel.

EVI Heat Pump
EVI Heat Pump

Vertical design & low noise low temperature heat pump is best to heat pump for cold winter heating room choose.

SUNCHI EVI Heat Pump Unit: This unit is mainly used for heating in low-temperature area. The unit consists of outdoor and indoor units. The main components of the outdoor unit include a compressor, evaporator, fan, electronic expansion valve, steam separator and so on. The main components of the indoor unit include a condenser, liquid storage device, and pump (optional built-in). The outdoor unit and the indoor unit are connected by two copper tubes. This unit is suitable to be used in the area where the temperature is above -25℃. It can be used for heating and make hot water. The temperature range of hot water the unit can make is from 30℃ to 60℃. The main engine exhausts the wind sideward.

Main Configuration: Copeland compressor, intelligent electronic expansion valve, high efficiency tube heat exchanger, SANHUA four-way valve, low noise and efficient internal rotor motor, 9.52 inner thread copper tube, blue hydrophilic ripple fin, and Wilo water pump (optional built-in).

Main Features of EVI Air Source Heat Pump:

1. Complete Freeze-proofing: According to the characteristics of low temperature water freezing, the waterway is separated from the main engine perfectly, and is installed in the indoor unit to solve the freezing problem of waterways thoroughly.

2. High Efficiency and Ultra Wide Range Operation: The unit can be used in the area where the ambient temperature is as low as -25℃ to 45℃. Under the environment of -15℃, COP can reach 2.52 when the unit is used for radiant floor heating ( leaving water temperature is 45℃).

3. Perfect Protection System: Four water system protection systems, five power supply system protection systems, nine heating system protection systems, control system intelligent detection systems, intelligent alarm, and 360°protection unit.


Low Temperature Heat Pump Specification

EVI  Air Heat Pump Water Heater (working -25C winter )
HP 3P 5P
Power supply Type 380V 3N~ 50Hz
Rated heating capacity kW 11 18
Rated heating input power kW 2.6 4.3
Rated heating input current A 4.9 8.1
COP w/w 4.2 4.2
Max input power kW 4.3 6.7
Max input current A 8.1 12.7
Rated water flow volume m3/h 1.9 3.1
Rated hot water yield L/h 235L 385L
Refrigerant charge volume kg 3.5 4.5
Refrigerant Type R407C
Heating hot water temp. rang 30℃~55℃
Working ambient temp. -25℃~45℃
Compressor Type Copeland
Fan motor Type AC motor , 3-speed fan
Throttle way Type Electronic expansion valve
Electronic Component Type Schneider AC contactor
Pressure device Type Built-in high and low pressure sensor
Water side heat exchanger Type High efficient heat exchanger
Air side heat exchanger Type Hydrophilic aluminum fin heat exchanger
Noise dB(A) 53 55
N.W/ G.W Kg 103/111 118/134
Connect pipe size inch Rc1" /DN25
Unit Size (L*W*H) mm 1040*420*865 1040*420*1380
The data in the above table test as following :                                                                                                                                                 
Heating test condition:ambient temp. (DB/WB):20℃/15℃,initial water temp.: 15℃,                                           
output water temp.:55℃;                                                                                                                                                                                           
Note: the data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product

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