EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump Combined Cooling and Heating Effect is Remarkable and Stable

The role of EVI DC inverter frequency heat pump

In order to further reduce winter coal pollution and improve air quality, after vigorous development in recent years, the replacement of loose coal combustion with clean energy for heating has played a key role in improving the atmospheric environment; and evi DC inverter heat pumps have been vigorously replaced in recent years. , Its innovative technology has gradually matured and become highly efficient and advanced heating equipment; at the same time, its contribution to improving the atmospheric environment and the happiness index of rural users have been greatly improved.

EVI DC inverter heat pump combined cooling and heating effect is remarkable and stable

(1) The EVI dc inverter heat pump allows a wide operating temperature range without electric heating, and the maximum outlet temperature is as high as 60°C.

(2) EVI dc inverter heat pump adopts intelligent online control, the host has its own online switch interface and mode switch interface, which is convenient for the conversion control of different heat sources, the end fan coil and the floor heating water separator room thermostat can be combined to control any end. When the time, the host is automatically turned on, and when all terminals are turned off, the host is automatically turned off, so the system application is more energy-efficient.

(3) The host has a multi-level standby antifreeze protection control function, which automatically runs antifreeze protection programs according to changes in outdoor ambient temperature and inlet and outlet water temperature, making the equipment safer to use.

(4) In the winter heating intelligent curve working mode, the heat pump automatically calculates and adjusts the water supply temperature according to the change of the outdoor environment temperature, which is more energy-efficient.

(5) Using defrosting technology to extend the heating time of the unit, quickly defrost, shorten the defrosting time, quickly restore the water supply temperature, improve the heating efficiency of the unit and maintain the comfort of the room.

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