Energy Saving Principle of Solar Air Conditioning

1. Power saving principle of solar air conditioner

① Superconducting energy storage converter, which is a temperature-variable energy storage superconducting liquid produced by researchers for a long time. Generally speaking, this thing is to increase the heat transfer speed, which is particularly suitable for solar air conditioning heat collectors, and the propagation speed is 3 times that of ordinary water!

② Superconducting solar collector: This can make good use of the principle of superconducting heat collection, disperse the radiant energy of solar energy, and collect and conduct it to the indoor cooling and heating system.

③Biomass thermal energy generator: This is a renewable energy source, which can save a lot of energy.

④ Superconducting ground-source refrigeration system: using the energy of the ground-source low temperature in summer, through the superconducting system of solar air conditioner, the air in the room is directly cooled to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

2. Solar air conditioners can save electricity!

Regarding the "power saving", we have to emphasize it again! What kind of working principle does solar energy make to greatly save electricity? In fact, the general solar air conditioner includes two applications, namely heating and cooling. The so-called solar refrigeration is the use of solar collectors to provide the heat medium water required by the generator of the absorption chiller.

Regarding the superconducting ground source refrigeration system, it uses the energy of the low temperature of the ground source in summer, and then through the superconducting system, so as to directly cool the air in the room to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Heating is to absorb solar radiant energy through a solar collector, and convert it into energy, which is electrical energy, through a certain type of liquid transfer. And the solar air conditioner can automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the outdoor temperature.

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