Do You Know the System Principle of Solar Powered Air Conditioner?

Solar powered air conditioner: It is divided into solar cooling and solar heating.

Solar cooling: It refers to the use of solar energy to provide power to drive the cooling mechanism to take the cooling capacity, and ultimately achieve air conditioning in the building.

Solar heating: It uses solar energy to collect heat directly or indirectly to provide heat to the building.

Basic form of electric air conditioning refrigeration:
1. The refrigerant liquid evaporates under low pressure (low temperature) to become low pressure vapor;

2.  Raising the low pressure vapor to a normal high pressure vapor;

3. Condensing the high pressure vapor to make it a high pressure liquid;

4. The high pressure liquid reduces the pressure and changes to a low pressure liquid to complete the cycle.

There are two ways to achieve solar powered air conditioner:

1. Solar photoelectric conversion is cooled by electric energy;

2. Solar thermal conversion is cooled by thermal energy.

The former method is too costly. Based on the current photocell price, the cost is about 4 to 5 times that of the latter under the same cooling power. In addition to cooling, the second method can simultaneously supply heat, and the utilization rate of solar energy is higher. The application of solar air conditioning in the world is mainly the latter method.

There are two main types of thermal refrigeration products: absorption refrigeration and adsorption refrigeration. At present, these two types of products have been better combined in scientific research and application. The absorption refrigeration COP is above 0.7 and the adsorption type is also above 0.4.

Solar absorption refrigeration:
The solar absorption air conditioning system mainly includes an absorption chiller, an air conditioner box (or a fan coil), a solar collector, a water storage tank, an automatic control system, and an auxiliary heating system.

In the summer, the hot water heated by the collector first enters the water storage tank. When the temperature of the hot water reaches a certain value, the water storage tank supplies the heat medium water to the refrigerator. The hot water flowing out of the refrigerator and having been cooled is returned to the storage tank, and then heated by the collector into high-temperature hot water. The refrigerant water generated by the refrigerator passes to the air conditioner to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and air conditioning. When solar energy is insufficient to provide high temperature heat medium water, heat can be supplemented by an auxiliary heating system.

In the winter, the hot water heated by the collector is also first introduced into the storage tank. When the temperature of the hot water reaches a certain value, the water tank directly supplies hot water to the air conditioner box to achieve the purpose of heating and heating. When solar energy does not meet the requirements, the auxiliary heating system can also supplement the heat.

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