DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

DC inverter home using hot water heat pump boiler, 5kW with 200L tank produce 55℃ hot water, max 60 hot water, 220V ~50Hz/60Hz power supply.
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DC Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater Overview

This inverter heat pump water heater system auto defrost, can controller additional electric heater, in building high pressure & low-pressure digital sensor to sure cold ambient weather condition running well and strong produce hot water for home hot water requirement.

DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

From smaller model 5kW for 200L or 250L hot water tank, the 5kW model is very quiet running 42 dB(A),  and 35kW monobloc heat pump heater for produce 55℃ hot water 750L/h to sure 100~200sq meter home hot water need.

Heat pump water heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heater". The "air source water heater" absorbs the low-temperature heat in the air and vaporize through the fluorine medium, then it is heated through the pressurization by the compressor, then it heats the water by the heat exchanger. So the heat energy after the compression is used to heat the water.

The best heat pump water heater has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, making the same hot water, which is 4-6 times of the general electric water heater. The average annual heat efficiency ratio is 4 times as high as the electric heating with the high energy efficiency.

The new product overcomes the shortcomings of the solar water heater, which are depending on the sun's heat and inconvenient installation. Because the work of air source water heater is through medium heat exchange, it does not need the electric heating element to contact directly with water, avoid the danger of electric water heater leakage, and prevent the danger of explosion and poisoning of the gas water heater. And it controls the air pollution caused by gas water heater discharging waste gas more efficiently.

The air heater does not need sunlight, so it can be installed at home or outdoors. After the use of the water stored in the solar water heater, it is difficult to produce hot water immediately. If using electricity heating again, it will need a long time. While the air source hot water heater can be operated for 24 hours in all weather that is over 20 degrees centigrade below zero. That is to say, after using a box of water, the air heater can produce another box of hot water in less than an hour. At the same time, it can fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers of electric water heater leakage, dry burning and harmful gas generated when the gas water heater is used.

The Advantage of DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

  • High efficiency and energy saving
A large amount of free heat is obtained from the air, which consumes 3~4 degrees of electricity per 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity. Compared with conventional water heaters, it can save 70-80% of electricity. The cost is equivalent to the 1/4 of the electric water heater, the 1/2 of the gas water heater, the 2/3 of the solar water heater, that is, with a kilowatt-hour electricity, it can generate 3-4 kilowatt-hour electricity.

  • The scope of application is wide
The applicable temperature range of SUNCHI EVI DC INVERTER HEAT PUMP id in -25 to 45 degree in all weather of the whole year. It is not affected by negative weather, rain, snow or other bad weather and winter night, it can be used normally. It can be used in hotels, guesthouses, factories, schools, hospitals, beauty salons, foot bathing, swimming pools, residential quarters, villas and other places where hot water is needed.

  • Continuous heating
Compared with the traditional solar water storage system, the heat pump product can be continuously heated, and continuous heating water can meet users' needs.

  • Low operating cost
Compared with the conventional solar energy, its operating cost is higher than the solar energy in the spring and summer when the sun is good, but its thermal efficiency is much higher than that of the solar energy in the rainy days and nights. On average, the annual energy consumption of conventional solar-assisted systems is much higher than that of heat pump products.

  • Easy installation
The air source heat pump occupies a small space, and the shape is similar to the air conditioner outdoor unit. It can be directly suitable for the high-rise buildings in large and medium cities. For the large central heating problem, the product is the best choice.
DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Specification
DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Case
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